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Join the Ibadan Polo Club and become a part of an exclusive community that celebrates the passion and excitement of polo. Our playing memberships offer the opportunity to showcase your skills on our world-class grass playing fields and arena, with horse rental or stabling available for your ponies. Or join as a social member and enjoy thrilling polo matches from our members’ area, along with access to our exciting social events and parties throughout the season.

Enrollment fees are non-refundable and are to be paid upon submission and acceptance of your application. As a playing member, you can also open a temporary bar book with a minimum of N5000 credit at all times, approved within six months.

Experience the ultimate polo lifestyle with Ibadan Polo Club

Our Memberships

Playing Membership

Experience the thrill of playing polo on our beautiful grass playing fields and arena with our playing memberships. Our club offers weekly practices and matches, and we have horse rental or stabling options available for your ponies. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, we welcome players of all levels to join us on the field.

Social Membership

Prefer to watch from the sidelines? Our social membership allows you to enjoy polo matches from our members’ area, as well as participate in our club’s social events and parties throughout the season. Whether you’re looking to network with other polo enthusiasts or just have a great time, our social membership is perfect for you.

Membership Fees

Enrollment Fee (Non-refundable)

All membership applications require payment of a non-refundable enrollment fee. Military and police applicants also have a separate enrollment fee.

Annual Rates & Subscription

In addition to the enrollment fee, members are required to pay annual rates and subscriptions. These fees help us maintain our facilities and continue providing top-notch polo experiences to our members.

New Member fee: N750,000:00

Annual Fee: N120,000:00

Military/Police: N563, 000:00

Ready to Join?

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Ibadan Polo Club, simply fill out our membership application and submit it with the necessary fees. Our club manager will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. We look forward to welcoming you to our community of passionate polo players and fans!